Psst... Want to peek behind the NFTOM curtain?

Psst... Want to peek behind the NFTOM curtain?

While you've been enjoying NFT-O-Matic, Nfty Pete has been hard at work behind-the-scenes in the wonderful world of web3! Everyone thinks NFTs are complicated and confusing, and they were... until we made it easy! Scroll down to find out more...

Nfty Pete At Work
Nfty Pete At Work

This NFT...

The NFT you were just viewing was created on the CELO blockchain. Here is its birth certificate:
[random TX being shown via URL; CELO API structure is:

Transaction Details

Transaction Hash
Confirmed by 12,355,056
| Confirmed within 3.0 seconds
0x257e82e7B8c88127abdD140876F998DEB940D2d6 0x257e82–40d2d6
Interacted With (To)
ROCSOL NFT SERIES A ROCSOL N.. A (0xc02c73–d9d36f)
Tokens Minted
From 0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000 0x000000–000000
To 0xA27E5BdE1Aa0A63b29132D3D492BC46B5cD57dBF 0xa27e5b–d57dbf
For TokenID [3742] RSOLA
0 CELO ( )
Transaction Fee
0.000114684 CELO ()
Gas Price
0.0000000005 CELO
Transaction Type

Gas Limit
Gas Used by Transaction
229,368 | 76.92%
Raw Input

... is in this web3 wallet...

When this NOMer joined us, we created a custodial CELO wallet address just for them. No additional apps to download, browser extensions to install or 12-word recovery phrases to lose. Here are the transactions in that wallet: [random wallet shown via URL]

... and here is where the web3 image lives

The graphic isn't stuck on NFT-O-Matic, it lives in web3 on IPFS. Soon you'll be able to transfer your NFTOM creations into any wallet you want, or even send one to a friend! [random IPFS graphic being shown via URL; not working]

Want to learn more?

All of this was made possible by RockSolid, the enterprise-grade NFT management engine created by Blockalicious...

Alpha Tester Feedback

We'd love to hear from you!

Nfty Pete
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